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At Crowe Horwath LLP, we take pride in our relationships with our clients and dedicate ourselves to understanding ways in which we can help confirm the experience we are providing is in alignment with their needs and expectations. We believe it is important to strive for continuous improvement in our experience with our clients.

Our client experience strategy directs how we engage with our clients on a daily basis. We mutually set clear expectations for service delivery performance, and these guide us in providing you the insight and expertise you require. We focus on delivering high-value solutions and are committed to creating an exceptional experience for our clients.

Creating an Exceptional Client Experience

We have learned by working closely with our clients that there are defining attributes important to their overall experience with Crowe. These attributes are our engagement drivers and are the starting point for meeting our clients' expectations in order to fully deliver our target client experience. We know that a successful project demands exceptionally responsive communication at the right time and between the right people, with the appropriate level of executive involvement. Because each client is distinct, we endeavor to get to know each personally and strive to bring the right combination of technical knowledge, industry expertise, and ideas that add value to their business. We deliver what we promise – on time, on budget, and with the highest quality.

Ultimately, each client decides whether its experience with Crowe is indeed exceptional. It is important for us to understand how our performance is being perceived by our clients and whether we are delivering real value. To help us better understand how well we meet our clients’ expectations, we’ve developed a two-part client feedback process to enable our clients to provide us with immediate and direct feedback.

  • Engagement survey. Crowe’s engagement survey allows our clients to evaluate our performance. This Web-based survey is initiated for engagements upon their conclusion and provides Crowe the opportunity to obtain immediate feedback, which can be used for future planning or immediate issues resolution.
  • Issue resolution process. If a client experiences challenges they are unable to resolve with their Crowe partner, the client is encouraged to contact our dedicated client feedback manager at 877.430.3900, or email. The client feedback manager will then work with Crowe leaders and the client to understand the issue(s) and resolve the situation while helping to prevent similar circumstances from occuring again.


Crowe is delighted to announce that we have achieved an 86 percent client engagement index. An engaged client is one who agrees that it really likes working with us, is likely to continue to use us, would go out of its way to keep working with us, and will recommend us to its colleagues. Crowe’s survey administrator, PeopleMetrics, indicates its latest “Most Engaged Customers” survey benchmark engagement index across accounting firms is 51 percent. Clients cite our industry expertise, high-quality deliverables, and executive involvement as our top performing engagement drivers.

Crowe also has been recognized for the second year in a row as one of the five best-performing companies across PeopleMetrics’ client base, measured according to the percentage of “recognize alerts” received from their own customers throughout 2011. A recognize alert occurs when a client has recognized (a) member(s) of the engagement team who went “above and beyond” in meeting the client’s needs. Sixty-seven percent of engagement surveys completed by Crowe clients include a recognize alert, outperforming PeopleMetrics’ industry benchmark by 14 points.

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