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Nail Your Biggest Construction Business Challenges

Your projects live and die by the details and so many issues can pull you away. The tight surety market, finding and keeping key people, a poor project overtaking a good year, and increased scrutiny of financial reporting. Successfully managing the growing risks and complexity in this industry is an ongoing challenge. You need a professional who can help you manage these challenges.

Crowe Horwath LLP is committed to the construction industry. Building on a foundation of seven decades of experience, our commitment to the construction industry goes beyond the numbers to shed light on best practices and areas of potential risk. Our national team serves 650 clients including:

  • General Contractors
  • Architectural and Engineering Firms
  • Specialty Subcontractors
  • Heavy Highway
  • Real Estate Companies

We know the construction marketplace and take the time to understand the real risks facing the industry.

We also have a reputation for credibility among key industry players, including lenders, sureties, government oversight agencies, and the AICPA. Our clients choose us because of our proven track record in the industry, depth of resources, breadth of expertise, and our firm’s purpose, “Building Value with Values®.”

POC Tax CompliancePOC Tax Compliance
The Crowe POC Manager™ is a Web-based, tax calculation tool developed by experienced tax professionals to automate the percentage-of-completion tax compliance process for organizations with long-term contracts.

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