Streamline Operations and Optimize the Revenue Potential of Your Governmental Organization

In the midst of declining revenue and funding, government leaders face a formidable challenge: deliver superior service while meeting greater public demand, heightened expectations, and increasingly complex regulations. Already overburdened, organizations don’t have the time or resources to improve their operations and plan for long-term growth.

Crowe Horwath LLP has worked with hundreds of public sector clients on thousands of engagements, to streamline systems and processes, optimize revenue, and enable entities to meet reporting and compliance requirements. Tapping into Crowe’s added skills and capabilities enables governments to better identify services or increase awareness to services while making their organizations more transparent and accountable.

Crowe’s unique perspective – our team includes former elected and appointed governmental officials – accelerates the return on investment and delivers lasting operational improvements. We strive to help governments serve their communities better by providing solutions that:

    Improve performance. Drawing on a unique combination of public sector experience, industry knowledge, and technology expertise, Crowe works with agencies to implement advanced technology, streamline processes, increase operational efficiency, benchmark performance, and track improvements.

    Optimize revenue. Through enterprise-wide solutions and strategies, Crowe helps governments maximize fiscal resources, identify new revenue streams, reduce and control costs, and pursue long-term economic growth.

    Manage risk. Crowe’s deep knowledge of federal and state regulatory requirements, accounting systems, and processes helps government entities manage their financial and organizational risk by providing compliance reporting that is timely and efficient, protecting information technology (IT) systems and data, and increasing transparency and accountability.

Crowe has diverse, in-depth governmental experience that delivers insight and a clear understanding of the challenges and solutions of public sector agencies. We bring this wide range of expertise and best practices to every engagement, delivering high impact results for agencies, including:


We have extensive experience working with a broad range of jurisdictions, such as federal government, state and local governments, special districts and authorities, and quasi-governmental entities. In addition, agencies we have served include state and federal agencies, municipalities, counties, school and library districts, and special service districts.

Crowe has earned a reputation for independence, objectivity, and credibility, delivering innovative solutions that can transform governmental operations. Our creative solutions have helped governments address entrenched financial and operational issues even in the most challenging economic times, and our proven methodology enables us to deliver high quality solutions on time and on budget.

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