ERP for the Metals Industry

The ERP of Choice for the Metals Industry

The evolution of the metals supply chain is affecting virtually every aspect of the industry. As manufacturers work to add new capabilities, new services, and new lines of business, while expanding their enterprises both domestically and internationally, the demands on technology to support these changes become greater. Many metals companies wrestle with these challenges and recognize the need for a fully integrated and fully capable enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform– along with the shortcomings of their aging legacy ERP platforms.

Crowe Metals Accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics® AX – The Evolution Continues

Meeting today’s industry challenges requires a metals-specific ERP solution that directly addresses the unique business and financial demands of metals manufacturers while also providing a flexible and modern technology platform. Microsoft Dynamics AX and the Crowe Metals Accelerator solution are quickly becoming the ERP of choice for many leaders in the metals industry.

"I knew that Crowe was working with Microsoft, and the Dynamics AX ERP system offered the robust international currency and consolidation capabilities we needed to pursue our globalization strategy."

The Crowe Metals Accelerator offers your company the ability to dramatically enhance the way it manages resources and business processes. This powerful, fully integrated, scalable, and deeply supported ERP solution comes preconfigured for the metals industry – right out of the box.

Why Choose Crowe and Microsoft Dynamics AX?

  • Crowe has a proven track record of successful Microsoft Dynamics AX implementations for many of the nation’s leading metals companies.
  • We have an in-depth understanding of providing the metals industry and a long tradition of thought leadership across a broad range of business and management issues.
  • Our proprietary intellectual property turns the Microsoft Dynamics AX package into a powerful, metals-specific ERP platform.
  • Crowe offers fast implementation of the Crowe Metals Accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics AX, and has a dedicated team of professionals that delivers outstanding service.
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX offers a cloud-based, enterprise solution that brings together some of the best technology from Microsoft to redesign business process faster and fuel business growth.

Enterprise Technology Designed for the Metals Industry

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