Benefit Plan Audit

Simplify With Benefit Plan Audit Specialists

Your annual employee benefit plan audit may be an unavoidable cost of doing business, but the audit does not have to be a prolonged, cumbersome and costly process. Crowe Horwath LLP offers the employee benefit plan audit expertise and technology that can save you time and money and minimize risks.

Why Choose Crowe?

With our national team of full-time plan audit specialists, you can expect to:

  • Benefit from specialists who are experienced in audits of all plan types
  • Access real-time project updates with our CiRT® solution
  • Receive a detailed project plan that emphasizes planning and efficiency
  • Have tasks completed comfortably ahead of regulatory deadlines

A 2015 Department of Labor study discovered serious problems with audits of employee benefit plans. It found that audit firms that audited fewer than 100 plans annually had significantly higher deficiency rates. It also reported that only 1 percent of CPA firms audit 100 or more plans annually.1

Quick Facts About Crowe

  • Annual employee benefit plan audits: More than 1,200
  • Plans audited with assets greater than $100 million: More than 235
  • Plans audited with greater than 1,000 participants: More than 400
  • Number of states where plan audits are performed: 41
  • Ranked sixth in number of SEC-registered plans requiring an 11-K filing
  • AICPA Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center member
  • Total asset value of plans audited: More than $400 billion


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John Czarnecki

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