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Integrate Your Government Operations

The economic recession has drastically reduced the revenue that state and local governments can budget for vital services. At the same time, customers expect a more responsive government, with transparent interactions, efficient processes, and around-the-clock access to information and services.

Crowe Horwath LLP serves hundreds of public sector clients, giving us a unique understanding of the financial management challenges that government agencies face. We bring comprehensive program knowledge, financial expertise, and information technology (IT) skills. Our government solutions include audit, accounting consulting, economic development, financial advisory, forensic services, performance consulting, risk management and compliance, and technology risk consulting.

Financial management isn’t easy in any sector, but government agencies face a number of complicating factors. Crowe has a proven track record of helping state and local governments enhance performance and productivity in financial management and operations, with a focus on helping:

Improve organizational efficiency. Crowe’s extensive work with government agencies has given us an intimate knowledge of how technology and process improvements can be applied in the public sector to streamline operations, integrate systems and platforms, and manage data more effectively. Crowe uses this enterprise resource planning (ERP) experience to design and implement the right solutions and enhancements to deliver greater efficiency and performance for your organization.

Make full use of available funding. Crowe can help you improve your agency’s grant awards management process, whether you seek to qualify for grants or administer grant programs and funds. We can configure your systems for better information management, tracking, and reporting. Crowe focuses on process improvement, benefit maximization, transparency, risk mitigation, and accountability.

Optimize resources. Crowe can help you develop plans to save costs by managing your resources strategically. We excel in helping governments identify high-value targets for cost reduction, like procurement, outsourcing, shared services, and workforce management.

Manage for a more productive workforce. Crowe can help you uncover cost-effective ways to boost performance by establishing benchmarks and measuring whether programs are achieving their stated goals. We collaborate with public-sector managers to assess data collection, audit existing data, and translate this information into strategies that can help you achieve key performance targets.

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