IRS Efforts to Detect Fraud Might Delay Refunds

Sept. 5, 2013

Beginning in late 2012, the IRS substantially increased enforcement efforts against refund fraud and identity theft (IR-2013-17). Some of these enhanced enforcement efforts have delayed valid refund claims on originally filed tax returns.

Taxpayers with delayed refunds will receive a Letter 4464C signed by the Integrity and Verification Operation (IVO) division of the IRS. The letter states that the IRS is reviewing information reported on the filed tax return and that taxpayers may contact the IRS directly if their refund is not received within 60 days.

Letter 4464C does not indicate a taxpayer is being examined. However, taxpayers may be required to provide sufficient records to prove their identity before any refund will be released. If the delay cannot be resolved by working with the IRS through the contact information provided on Letter 4464C or the delayed refund will economically harm the taxpayer, the IRS Taxpayer Advocate Service might be able to accelerate approval of the refund.


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