Impact of Government Shutdown on IRS Operations

Oct. 3, 2013

As a result of the government shutdown, IRS operations are currently limited to essential functions:

  • All IRS audits and examinations are currently suspended.
  • Live telephone assistance currently is unavailable.
  • Refunds will not be issued.

The shutdown notwithstanding, the underlying tax law and all tax deadlines remain in full force. Accordingly, taxpayers should continue to file tax returns and make all required tax payments as they become due.

  • Individual taxpayers who requested extensions of time to file must still file their tax returns on or before Oct. 15, 2013.
  • All employer payroll tax deadlines remain in effect.
  • Although audits and examinations are currently suspended, the IRS has indicated that deadlines for filing appeals will not be extended. Accordingly, taxpayers should continue to submit appeals in a timely manner.
  • The Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) will continue to operate during the shutdown.

Tax returns may be filed electronically or on paper. However, the processing of paper returns will be delayed until full government operations resume. As a result, taxpayers should consider filing their tax returns electronically.

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