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Healthcare Connection – March 10, 2015

Protecting Your Reimbursement Dollars: Is It Time to Automate Your Time Studies?

A hospital’s ability to accurately document and report physician activities to comply with requirements for reimbursement has a direct impact on the hospital’s financial well-being. Unfortunately, many physicians see the process of documenting their time as an administrative burden that interferes with their ability to practice medicine and care for patients. As a result, administrative staff members responsible for overseeing time studies often are forced to deal with incomplete and confusing documentation – shortcomings that can put the organization at risk. Automated systems for capturing and reporting physician time can alleviate many of these problems.

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Top Risks Facing Today’s Healthcare Industry: Are You Ready?

The healthcare industry is awash with far-reaching changes these days, ranging from evolving organizational structures and revenue cycles to new coding requirements and reimbursement models. As a result, healthcare organizations must combat a panoply of risks, including some long-standing issues, some new twists on existing concerns, and some fresh newcomers. An evaluation of risk assessments conducted in the first six months of 2014 identified the top 20 risks. Organizations that are aware of these risks are the most likely to surmount them successfully. Risks 11 through 20 appear here, in the first article of a two-part series. 

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