Making Enterprise Risk Management Sustainable: What Have We Learned? (Webinar Presentation)

Though Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) often begins with executive commitment and fanfare, it is not unusual for an organization to become complacent over time. The result is an ERM initiative which exists largely in name and resides outside the orbit of Board and organizational leadership priorities. This webinar will describe factors which contribute to this and demonstrate solutions to avoid or overcome this result.

By defining the elements of Crowe’s Sustainable Risk Management Framework and demonstrating their application, Marc Dominus and Gregg Anderson will provide solutions to promote an ongoing ERM program that remains valuable and relevant for the life of the organization.

Topics and examples to be covered are currently being practiced in organizational settings. This webinar will go beyond theory to provide solutions for addressing the challenges of implementing ERM in a sustainable manner and one which maintains its value and relevance over the life of the organization.

Participating in this webinar will help you to:

  • Recognize the symptoms and causes of a faltering ERM program
  • Identify the value of sustainable risk management
  • Define the attributes of a sustainable ERM program
  • Apply tools to strengthen the value and acceptance of ERM in your organization
  • Develop additional strategies for ERM success