Why Do Our Clients Choose Crowe?

Client Engagement Index

Clients tell us when our technical expertise, industry knowledge, and applied technology come together, exceptional service and value result. At Crowe Horwath LLP, we take pride in our relationships with our clients. Our vision is that our people come to work every day motivated to provide our clients with an exceptional experience in every interaction and to help our professionals maintain objectivity in the delivery of our services.

How Do We Do This?

We have learned from our clients that there are certain attributes important to their overall experience, and each client perceives value differently. To help us meet our clients’ expectations, we conduct an engagement survey that allows our clients to evaluate our performance. Proof of this can be found in what our clients say about us, in our client engagement survey results, and through recognition we’ve received from client experience organizations.

Client Engagement Survey Results

Our 2016 client engagement surveys show that Crowe has achieved a 90 percent client engagement index score. According to our survey administrator, PeopleMetrics, our score is 35 points higher than the industry average of 55 percent. An engaged client is one who agrees that it really likes working with us, is likely to continue to work with us, would go out of its way to keep working with us, and will recommend us to its colleagues.

"Our relationship with Crowe is based on mutual trust, respect, and understanding.”
Jeff Noel
Corporate Vice President, Communications and Public Affairs, Whirlpool Corporation

"Crowe understands our business, and that is critical to us…”
Jim Schneider
President and CEO, Signature Brands, Beech-Nut Infant Nutrition, Hero North America

"Crowe not only went above and beyond to get our business, they continued to deliver above and beyond results.”
Kathryn Sharp
Vice President of Tax, Stage Stores Inc.

Recent Awards

2017 Customer Engagement Award Crowe received the Customer Engagement Award at the 2017 North American Employee Engagement Awards, which recognizes organizations that execute strategies to make their cultures more customer-centric.
Crowe received the Customer Experience Excellence Award from the Temkin Group in 2016 based on their efforts to improve client experience in a sustainable manner.

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For the fifth year in a row (2015), Crowe has been recognized as one of the five best-performing companies across PeopleMetrics’ customer base. In addition, PeopleMetrics’ customer base selected two Crowe professionals to be PeopleMetrics Brand Ambassadors.

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2015 marked the fifth year in a row for Crowe to be recognized as one of the five best-performing companies across PeopleMetrics' customer base. In addition, PeopleMetrics' customer base selected two Crowe professionals to be PeopleMetrics Brand Ambassadors. 2015 was the last year PeopleMetrics presented this award.

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The client quotes shown are actual Crowe Horwath LLP tax clients.