Redefining Results with Innovation and Specialization

In today’s world, fresh thinking and the ability to develop new solutions are essential to all types of organizations. At Crowe Horwath LLP, innovation is part of our culture – we have a history of applying new tools and technology to help clients streamline and effectively manage complex processes. We back our commitment with investment, infrastructure, and the highest levels of quality assurance and security.

The Crowe Approach – Putting Innovation to Work

Building upon a strong foundation of deep industry specialization and technical knowledge, our professionals follow a proven innovation roadmap to cultivate original, practical solutions that help address our clients’ most pressing challenges. Our new product development team collaborates with a centralized team of accomplished software developers to bring these solutions to life. Together they apply technology to help clients effectively manage complex processes and regulatory requirements. 

Innovation in Action

At Crowe, we employ agile concepts, software development best practices, and cross-functional teams and have generated great success. Listed are just a few examples of the numerous innovative technologies and tools we offer:

Crowe Caliber helps financial institutions handle all aspects of model risk management, providing consistent model risk workflow management and documentation standards, and a documented audit trail to meet examiners’ expectations.
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Crowe CIR Solution helps healthcare organizations sort through the resolution of credit balances, streamlining notoriously complex healthcare accounting and producing dramatic improvements in efficiency and productivity.
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Built on the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 platform, the Crowe Metals Accelerator is an industry-specific ERP solution that directly addresses the business, financial, and technology requirements of metals manufacturers.
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Crowe Outpatient Charge Capture Analytics is a clinical documentation management program for outpatient services that can help healthcare providers streamline their processes and quickly increase net revenue.
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Crowe R&D Navigator is a web-based solution that helps automate the process of claiming federal and state research and development (R&D) tax credits.
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Crowe Revenue Cycle Analytics helps healthcare organizations automate and accelerate the time-consuming process of monthly financial reporting and analysis.
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Crowe C-TRAC helps tax-exempt organizations meet tax compliance requirements in less time, accurately completing the data gathering and reporting for required forms and schedules in less time, without straining internal resources.
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The Crowe K-1 Navigator solution is an adaptable, secure, web-based solution that helps simplify tax compliance for flow-through entities, streamlines the preparation and electronic delivery of Schedules K-1, and provides automated reporting, analytics, and communication with owners.
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Crowe Conflict Minerals Tracker solution provides an efficient and thorough method for administering the complex data collection, analysis, and reporting requirements associated with the disclosure of tantalum, tin, tungsten, or gold (3TG) in their manufactured products.
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