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Develop Your Potential

At Crowe, we want you to succeed in a role that matches your talents, interests, and passions. That’s why we focus on your career development and provide you with training and development opportunities.

  • Onboarding. Our onboarding program connects you with the people, resources, and skills you need to begin your career with Crowe. As a result, you will settle into your role more quickly, be engaged more immediately in your work, and have a better understanding of how you contribute to the firm’s success.
  • Performance management. Our approach to performance management is designed to focus on meaningful conversations and measuring what matters. Each person at the firm has as a performance manager, and you're guided to meet regularly with your performance manager to receive ongoing feedback, as well as discuss career goals, learning plans, work/life balance and other topics important to your success. This will help you develop both personally and professionally at Crowe.
People Development

An overview of people development at Crowe Horwath LLP from the performance government group in Sacramento, California.

  • Crowe Horwath University. Moving beyond the mindset of learning as traditional, instructor-led classroom training, Crowe Horwath University looks for fresh ways to deliver learning solutions that make learning more engaging, relevant and convenient for you. Through the university’s “college” structure, you can look forward to learning opportunities customized based on your role with the firm and options that fit your style, schedule and learning needs.
  • Inclusion. As part of our ongoing inclusion efforts, all personnel were encouraged to participate in the "Diversity to Inclusion" programming. This training guides you on how to effectively understand, identify and manage unconscious bias. Learning how to uncover and overcome these biases is one of the key focuses of our diversity and inclusion strategy at Crowe as we support a workplace environment that embraces everyone.


“The training and growth opportunities in my career have been tremendous. My performance manager has taken my career aspirations to heart.”

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