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“Crowe offers the prestige and excitement of working for a large firm, yet it's small enough to work on multiple types of projects. Partners and senior managers know your name, and Crowe is excellent about helping you explore other career opportunities should you decide that your interests lie elsewhere. Working here has really helped me realize the importance of a great work environment and culture over the ranking on a list of greatest accounting firms.”

“The training and growth opportunities in my career have been tremendous. My performance manager has taken my career aspirations to heart and is constantly pointing me toward different training venues, internal opportunities, and other pathways. Whether it is pursuing technical certifications, holding team positions that give me experience with project management, or training in new technologies, I have had fantastic exposure to opportunities targeted at helping me reach my career aspirations.”

“I was attracted by the size of the firm. It's large enough to provide challenging, diverse opportunities to work on various engagements yet small enough to offer direct access to directors and partners. The senior members of the team truly care about your career development. You can benefit from internal Crowe training for topics in another line of service or external training with the opportunity to network and meet other professionals in the field.”

“Crowe offers many areas of opportunity for you to take ownership and drive to make an impact quickly within the firm. The level of talent here is outstanding, and the experience of working with your colleagues will provide you with many great experiences and help you to achieve your best. You also have the flexibility to own and drive your career in the direction that you are passionate about.”

“My greatest accomplishment at Crowe is building relationships within the firm and developing industry-specific knowledge to become a go-to person in the private client service area. We have a great team atmosphere, and everyone works together and collaborates on projects. Colleagues are friendly, and so is the company culture. Crowe also offers flexible arrangements that promote work-life balance as well as opportunities for growth.”

“I think one of the biggest differences about Crowe is the open-door policy with firm leadership. On almost a daily basis, I work very closely with partners and directors.”

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