CRM Data Migration & Systems Integrations

Efficient Data Transformation

Data migration is a key component to every CRM project, so executing this step seamlessly can help your company extract more value from your data. Crowe has designed tools to help automate, assimilate, and cleanse data from multiple sources, reducing the organizational resources required to manage data migration and systems integrations.

“Crowe (formerly AbleBridge) worked with us to come up with consistent sales metrics and we have better visibility into our business as a result. Additionally, as our business grew, they were able to accommodate our changes in a positive and timely manner.”

– Steven Capaldi, Network Systems Administrator, Finlay Extracts & Ingredients USA, Inc

Tools and Processes to Maintain Data Quality

When you implement a new CRM system, it’s an opportune time to reevaluate your data strategy to promote data quality, accurate analysis, and better decision-making. Our professionals can work with you at this important juncture to lay the groundwork for an enterprise-wide data strategy that can pay dividends for years to come.

Our CRM Migration Capabilities

Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Microsoft® Dynamics CRM On-Premises to Dynamics 365 Online
Data migration from ACT! to Microsoft Dynamics CRM
ACT! data migration to Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Data migration from Goldmine to Microsoft Dynamics CRM  
GoldMine data migration to Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Data migration from SalesLogix to Microsoft Dynamics CRM
SalesLogix data migration to Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Data migration from Siebel to Microsoft Dynamics CRM  
Seibel data migration to Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Tools to Smooth the Process

Our professionals deploy proven proprietary solutions and frameworks:

  • Import tools, including DataBridge, that handle complex migrations of unstructured data from multiple sources
  • Pre-built data map templates for Dynamics CRM On-Premises to Dynamics CRM Online, ACT!, Goldmine,, SalesLogix, and Siebel
  • A test plan and unit validation process to help meet customer expectations throughout the process
  • Data federation frameworks and matching algorithms that support data standardization and cleansing

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