Crowe EditAble CRM Grid

Providing Interactivity to Microsoft Dynamics® CRM Forms

The Crowe EditAble CRM Grid is an adaptable Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and next generation Dynamics 365, add-on that helps improve efficiency when creating Microsoft Dynamics CRM forms. The add-on solution, from Crowe Horwath LLP, turns Microsoft Dynamics CRM forms into information-rich dashboards, making it easier to view and update the customer information that is most important to you.

See how Crowe Editable Grid can help extend Microsoft Dynamics functionality
Crowe EditAble CRM Grid

View the features and capabilties that help extend Microsoft Dynamics CRM functionality.


Crowe EditAble CRM Grid Screenshots

Billing Calculator
billing calculator
Commissions Payments
Commission Payments
Project Tasks Summary
Project Task Summary
Shipping Charges
Shipping Charges
SPM Forecaster
SPM Forecaster
SPM Goal Management
SPM Goal Management

Crowe EditAble CRM Grid Features:

  • Gain faster access to related records using in-line and multirow editing without having to open multiple forms
  • Streamline and summarize information with support totals, sub-totals, and collapsible groups
  • Organize entity relationships by consolidating them within a single Dynamics CRM form
  • Customize forms using the Crowe EditAble CRM Grid API, JavaScript events, and custom toolbar actions
  • Support calculated fields, in-line calculations, and complex entity relationships
  • Filter, group, or sort information using dynamic filtering options
  • Easily export data to Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet software in formatted or unformatted forms
  • Add Crowe EditAble CRM Grids to Dynamics CRM forms
  • Search a record, even when it is not related to the record currently in view
  • Inherit the Dynamics CRM security model
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