The Crowe/SNL Bank Webinar Series

If you were not able to join us for the Crowe Horwath LLP and SNL Center for Financial Education bank webinar series, or if you’d like to listen again, please find links to the recordings and materials below.

Community Banks Prepare to Meet Stress-testing Requirements

Federal Reserve Regulatory CRE Guidance SR7-1 was released in 2006. Additional CRE updates were released in 2012, along with community bank stress-testing guidance in 2013. Community banks have been perplexed ever since, as various interagency personnel have started to refer to community banks in the same sentence with DFAST. This webinar recording addresses the community bank stress-testing requirements and examples of how the guidance can be met, all the while creating a foundation to meet DFAST when required.

Bank M&A in 2016: Where Are We Headed?

Bank M&A activity in 2015 was consistent with 2014 and when compared as a percentage of outstanding charters, the activity was at historic levels percentage-wise. With this level of activity and with stock market uncertainty in early part of 2016, this webinar recording discusses the key factors that drove M&A activity and will impact 2016 M&A activity.

Cybersecurity Risk Management: How You can Respond Now

Cybersecurity incidents and the resulting data breaches and disruptions continue to threaten all industries and no one is immune from the threats. The impact of operational, financial, and reputation risks of cybersecurity cannot be disregarded. In this webinar recording, cybersecurity experts from Crowe Horwath LLP provide an update on cybersecurity risks and present trends to watch for in 2015 and 2016. The session also provides an overview of how to respond to cybersecurity risks, including a practical approach to identifying and prioritizing a proper response.

5 Threats to a Bank's Survival

The financial services industry faces a changing business environment, in both visible and less visible ways. Financial institutions must recognize the threats inherent in this environment and respond accordingly to survive and thrive. This webinar recording describes the top five threats to financial institutions, the implications of failure to respond, and some approaches for preparing successfully.

Bank M&A: Integration Issues and a 2015 Update

One of the most critical issues in Bank M&A is integration of the combining entities. In this webinar recording, we focus on the key post-acquisition integration issues that characterize successful acquisitions. Additionally we present an update of current M&A trends including the announced level of cost savings and relationship to overall expense levels.

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