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Addressing Technology and Information Risk

With the growing availability of organizational data, the proliferation of new, user-friendly technologies, and an increasingly complex regulatory environment, organizations often struggle to manage IT risk.

The Crowe Horwath LLP cybersecurity team offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to identify and help you manage these risks so you can strengthen the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of organizational assets. Whether performing detailed security or penetration assessments, inventorying and protecting organizational data, improving third-party security, or designing solutions to improve IT resiliency, Crowe can provide pragmatic solutions for your organization.

The Crowe Center for Cybersecurity was founded to help our information security consultants stay at the forefront of identifying and preventing events such as the latest vulnerabilities, exploitation vectors, and configuration data that lead to today’s data breaches, network failures, electronic fraud, and other suspicious activities before they threaten or damage your business.

Our Solutions

The Crowe cybersecurity team can facilitate the journey through cybersecurity matters with the following professional services.

Penetration Testing and Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Mitigation

  • Whether you are looking to evaluate the security of your environment for the first time, test your incident response processes, or put a mature security program to the ultimate stealth security pen test, Crowe penetration assessments can provide insight into real-world technology threats. Crowe also offers wireless penetration testing, application penetration tests, and consulting services to help companies respond to advanced persistent threats.

Security Awareness (Social Engineering)

  • Although they are invaluable, employees can pose a significant threat to information security and privacy. Evaluating employees’ understanding of corporate security procedures and policies can help quantify employee risk.

Application Security

  • The comprehensive Crowe review process guides security assessments of both client-developed and vendor-deployed applications. Rather than focusing solely on technical aspects, our review starts with activities such as application penetration testing, and then expands into areas that are often overlooked, such as data protection, regulatory compliance, and disaster recovery.
The potential financial impact when information security is jeopardized has heightened awareness across the organization. Crowe can provide in-depth analysis of people, processes, and technology to identify and remediate potential IT risks before they occur. Whether evaluating technical system configurations, operational procedures, policies, or specific compliance initiatives, Crowe has the expertise to help you manage the most challenging security and privacy risks.

Crowe security and privacy consulting services can provide C-level executives and board members with guidance to help manage IT risk. Crowe has a proven track record of helping organizations evaluate, design, and implement strategic solutions to align IT risk management with business initiatives, increase the maturity of security programs, and improve the value of these programs to the business. Crowe solutions include:

Security Program Maturity Assessment

  • Crowe can evaluate your security capabilities and provide a road map designed to improve the program’s effectiveness, efficiency, and responsiveness.

Data Protection

  • For organizations that handle sensitive personal information or intellectual property, Crowe can help protect your most sensitive data assets by defining data classification standards, executing a data inventory, evaluating risk of data repositories, and helping you properly secure sensitive data.

Security Strategy

  • Whether you ask us to focus on specific technologies, physical security, or operational processes, Crowe can evaluate, design, and implement security solutions to help you achieve strategic objectives.

IT Risk Management

  • Crowe can help you design and implement a comprehensive IT risk management program that aligns with your enterprise risk programs. Upon implementation, Crowe also helps execute the program and develop supporting risk management programs.

IT Enterprise Risk Assessment

  • Leveraging our customizable IT risk universe, Crowe can conduct a comprehensive analysis of IT risks to determine the most significant risks to your organization. We assess risks, evaluate adequacy controls, and provide detailed road maps that can help you manage key risks appropriately.
With today’s critical reliance on IT systems, a company must maintain an effective business continuity management (BCM) program to prepare for unplanned outages. This program needs to be holistically developed within the organization as a business-focused solution. Crowe has assisted a variety of organizations across numerous industries in developing, testing, and assessing their BCM programs.
Incidents driven by the legal process, sanctioned policies, suspected fraud, or other potentially malicious activities typically require a prompt response by a trusted adviser. Crowe can provide professional advice to legal counsel, audit and other management committees, and the C-suite. Our services include incident response investigation, event analysis, and data recovery.

Third-Party/Vendor Management Program Evaluation

  • As organizations begin to outsource larger and more significant portions of their environments to third-party vendors and cloud providers, there is increased risk associated with managing third-party relationships. Crowe can review your third-party/vendor management program to assess the processes you have in place to evaluate vendor security at the point of selection and periodic review. Crowe also can work with your team to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your processes.

Third-Party/Vendor Assessment

  • Both new and existing third parties and vendors can pose a risk to your organization. Crowe can assess an individual relationship and identify discrepancies between that organization’s information security policies and leading practices. This can help you maintain a consistent security posture despite the proliferation of outsourcing and partnering.

Cloud Security Review

  • As organizations continue to adopt cloud services, it becomes increasingly important to identify, understand, and mitigate risk. In a cloud security review, Crowe inventories and assesses risks, and provides recommendations to help your organization properly implement cloud services and minimize unnecessary risks. A pre-implementation cloud security review can also help you understand the risks associated with a new cloud service before it’s introduced into the network.

Cloud Security Workforce Review

  • The consumerization of IT has heavily increased the risks of shadow IT, where end users introduce technology into the network without proper authorization, potentially putting data at risk. In a cloud security workforce review, Crowe actively looks for rogue cloud services and surveys employees to analyze needs and assess the risks associated with using these cloud services.

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