Boosting Performance and Collaboration Through Integrated Case Management Solutions

As caseloads increase, justice organizations across the country are setting their sights on improving performance through better case management, streamlined processes, and increased collaboration among employees. An integrated technology system that allows stakeholders to collaborate and share information is a critical component of this effort.

For more than 40 years, Crowe Horwath LLP has provided technology consulting services to a diverse range of public sector organizations. Our dedicated justice and public safety team has assisted government leaders in their efforts to boost performance and promote collaboration.

iJustice®: An Enterprisewide Integrated Justice Solution

Crowe has joined forces with Integrated Software Specialists (ISS) to combine our expertise in strategy and systems implementation with an award-winning case management solution to serve the entire justice community. This alliance offers the vital expertise, skills, experience and technology to achieve true integrated case management.

ISS designed and built its iJustice® Enterprise Case Management Solution Suite to meet the needs of the entire justice community and to enable the integration of multiple systems into one intuitive interface. The application provides a configurable, comprehensive solution for court case management, including document management, in-depth security and audit functions and advanced analytics.

Key features of iJustice include:

  • An intuitive Web-based delivery platform;
  • Extensive e-services including e-pay, e-citation processing, and e-filing;
  • High adaptability and configurability that enable platform to adapt to evolving needs without IT support;
  • Enterprisewide automation supported by intelligent orchestration of information and notifications;
  • Advanced analytics, dashboards, and ad hoc query capabilities deliver information when and how you need it; and
  • Conforms with national models including the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) and Global Reference Architecture (GRA) to serve all justice departments.

With the functionality to extend beyond case management, iJustice can address the needs of virtually every justice department.

Transforming Justice Organizations

Integrated case management doesn't have to be a long-term goal that requires years to reach. The collective experience of Crowe and ISS can help smooth implementation and deliver an immediate impact. By implementing the iJustice solution, Crowe can help organizations capture three key benefits:

    Accelerated Time to Value. Although many IT initiatives are complex and require an immense amount of organizational commitment, iJustice has been designed to integrate seamlessly with existing systems.

    Increased Operational Efficiency. As a Web-based solution with an intuitive interface, iJustice gives users easy access to the information they need to manage cases and resolve issues in a timely fashion. In addition, automation facilitates workflow, scheduling and notification, freeing up staff to concentrate on higher-value tasks.

    Providing Better Service to Constituents. By enabling multiple parties to work in a coordinated fashion, iJustice helps justice departments extend the reach of their services.




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