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Leadership, Knowledge, Efficiency – Keys to Credible Audit Services

Crowe Horwath LLP is a leading provider of professional audit services for financial institutions of all sizes, from privately held community banks throughout the country to large financial organizations with a nationwide presence.

Crowe performs more audits for publicly traded financial institutions than any other firm in the United States and audits a total of more than 500 financial institutions across the country.

FS-18200-008D SNL Audit Graphic - Mar 2018

In addition to their professional backgrounds and extensive experience, Crowe audit employees annually complete an average of more than 50 hours of training, providing a depth of knowledge and understanding that is essential to an objective, credible audit.

Crowe audit teams work directly in the institution for greater efficiency, performing their function with competence while minimizing disruption and demands on client resources. Crowe audit engagements employ proprietary technology solutions such as the Crowe® Information Request Tracker (CiRT®) tool, which helps streamline data gathering and eliminate duplicate requests through the use of centralized, secure, online storage.

Because of its specialization in the banking industry, Crowe is able to add strategic value to the audit relationship and to banking audit committees by offering insights into emerging trends and issues such as the latest regulatory developments and evolving requirements of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. Recognized industry thought leaders from Crowe maintain close communication with accounting rule-makers, regulators, and leading banking industry figures.

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Raymond Calvey
Partner, Financial Services Audit Leader