Crowe Credit360 – Stress TestingTM Solution

Streamlined, Simplified DFAST Compliance, Improved Capital Planning

The Crowe Credit360 – Stress Testing solution is a powerful enterprise stress-testing system that uses machine learning to help streamline and optimize the preparation for and submission of Dodd-Frank Act Stress Testing (DFAST). In addition to simplifying stress-testing processes to support compliance, the solution can pave the way toward more effective capital planning and credit portfolio management.

Crowe Credit360 – Stress Testing Solution Interactive Road Map

A customizable path to regulatory compliance and lasting business value.

Crowe Credit360 – Stress Testing™ Interactive Road Map

The Crowe Credit360 – Stress Testing solution provides banks an end-to-end approach to stress testing that can result in a better, faster way to aggregate data, develop models, provide dashboard reporting, and produce auditable DFAST submission files. The automated system can allow banks to:

  • Build on historical credit portfolio data from stress tests to improve model development
  • Generate on-screen graphical reports for immediate review using stress-testing data
  • Create a comprehensive internal audit trail by logging timing and origin of changes made
  • Calibrate stress-testing activities from one year to the next

This powerful solution is equipped with robust data and analytic tools necessary to improve credit portfolio management. These capabilities enable the roll-up of growth by integrating all call report data into your entire organization. The Crowe Credit360 – Stress Testing solution can give banks the ability to:

  • Create, store, and navigate multiple portfolios
  • Uncover hidden risk patterns and potential threats to growth
  • Forecast and analyze the impact of various macroeconomic factors
  • Clearly depict outcomes for management, board, and regulator review

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