Bank Mergers & Acquisitions

Effective Services for the Entire M&A Life Cycle

In today’s banking industry, merger-and-acquisition (M&A) strategies are important to a growing number of institutions. Drawing on our more than 50 years of banking industry experience, Crowe Horwath LLP offers a comprehensive suite of M&A services that addresses critical needs throughout the entire acquisition life cycle – from initial planning and valuation through final integration and consolidation.

Crowe Can Support M&A From Beginning to End

The Crowe coordinated and integrated acquisition support methodology is flexible, scalable, and adaptable to virtually any merger or acquisition scenario.

The Deal Due Diligence Planning Integration
  Technology  System & Data Mapping   System & Data Conversion 
  Vendors Vendor Negotiation  
 Valuation & Deal Structure  Operations   Staffing & Compensation   Process Implementation
  Asset Quality Change Management   People & Culture Transition  
    Risk Mgmt. & Compliance   Process Change Purchase Accounting
  Accounting & Tax Pro Forma Modeling Taxes
  Human Resources Day 1 & Day 2  
Project Management

Because they focus on the financial industry, Crowe banking M&A teams have developed in-depth expertise and specialized capabilities in bank sale activities, including:

Crowe works closely with acquirers to perform fast, responsive, and thorough due diligence to enable timely, informed, and effective decision-making. Crowe credit due diligence teams tailor their approach to reflect the acquiring bank’s strategy and risk appetite.
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Working in concert with valuation, accounting, risk management, and M&A integration teams, Crowe transaction specialists offer expertise on each aspect of a bank acquisition, including operational and regulatory compliance and tax and financial structuring.
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Accurate valuation of the credit portfolio and other material assets and liabilities is essential to a successful bank transaction. Accredited valuation specialists from Crowe provide timely and credible valuation services for M&A and other transactions.
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Crowe accounting professionals help banks comply with the complex accounting and reporting standards associated with bank M&A transactions, including fair value and complex intangibles.
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Crowe M&A consultants help acquiring banks realize the intended value from transactions by addressing the integration issues that often arise during the course of transactions.
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Crowe banking M&A teams are led by experienced industry professionals with extensive backgrounds in financial institutions or the regulatory environment. Crowe clients also benefit from the firm’s industry research and analysis, which provide clients with valuable insights into bank sale issues and trends.

Research indicates that bank M&A activity will increase in the current environment.

Bank M&A Survey Chart

Source: "2016 Bank M&A Survey” by Bank Director and Crowe Horwath LLP