Bank Valuation Services

Accurate Valuation – Essential to a Successful Bank Transaction

In today’s fast-growing merger and acquisition (M&A) environment, Crowe Horwath LLP valuation specialists can provide insights on deal planning, transaction structuring, financial reporting, and post-deal accounting.

Working with Crowe valuation professionals early in the due diligence process can provide management with a clearer understanding of what to expect in terms of projected earnings and asset and liability valuations affecting capital. Early involvement of the Crowe valuation team also can help expedite the final valuation needed to record the transaction – knowledge that is beneficial when developing appropriate day one accounting policies for integrating the acquired institution. Our valuation methodology employs a sophisticated loan-level modeling solution that efficiently calculates and analyzes loan portfolio fair values and expected cash flow scenarios. This technology, Crowe Credit360 for Valuation, helps to improve portfolio valuation reliability while providing actionable insights to better inform decision-making.

Outside of business combinations, the Crowe valuation team offers deep expertise to meet a variety of other financial institution needs, such as providing accurate and comprehensive valuation services for tax planning, estate and gift planning, financial reporting and accounting standards compliance, complex security testing, stock option planning, and other strategic decisions.

The Crowe team is composed of dedicated banking industry valuation professionals who hold a variety of advanced professional qualifications from such institutions as the American Society of Appraisers, the CFA Institute, and the American Institute of CPAs. The team also includes doctorate-holding economists and finance professionals who have published works on advanced valuation topics.

Although the services they perform are technically complex, Crowe valuation professionals excel at communicating their findings in understandable business language.

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