Bank Performance Assessment

Performance Assessment Helps Financial Institutions Identify Opportunities, Respond to Change

In a highly regulated, risk-sensitive industry such as banking, there is a natural inclination to adhere closely to established processes, procedures, and policies. Ironically, this understandable tendency can actually increase a bank’s risk exposure if it causes the organization to be slow to recognize and respond to changing customer expectations, new competitive pressures, and evolving regulatory and economic demands.

To survive and thrive in this dynamic environment, financial institutions must be prepared – even eager – to challenge entrenched thinking, identify new opportunities, and adapt to changing conditions. The first step in this process is to obtain an independent, knowledgeable perspective that compares the bank’s existing practices and policies to leading industry practices and benchmarks.

Crowe Horwath LLP provides financial institutions of all types and sizes a detailed, objective, and comprehensive assessment of all aspects of their operations, drawing on its exceptionally deep knowledge of the banking industry. Using a multidisciplinary approach, Crowe helps banks thrive in today’s challenging industry environment by assessing performance and prioritizing opportunities in three broad areas:

  1. External, customer-facing activities
  2. Operational, day-to-day functions
  3. Strategic issues and management processes

Crowe Performance Assessment

Every performance assessment is unique, but certain elements are typically of greatest value to banks. These include:

  • Business recommendations – for all key lines of business and departments
  • Business strategy – review and recommendations
  • Compensation – benchmarking and recommendations
  • Growth capacity – in-depth analysis
  • Opportunities road map – identifying and prioritizing near-, medium-, and long-term opportunities.
  • Organizational structure – review and realignment recommendations
  • Performance scorecards – for all business functions
  • Staffing – benchmark staffing levels against comparable institutions
  • Vendor expense and performance – benchmarking and recommendations

In addition to comparing existing practices to industry norms, Crowe also delivers effective, achievable recommendations to help your institution and helps you develop a actionable roadmap that prioritizes critical changes.

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