Bank Benchmarking

A Solid Foundation for Improving Bank Performance Benchmarking

Well-informed benchmarking can open an array of opportunities for a financial institution to improve performance and productivity while also gaining valuable operating efficiencies and competitive advantages. Benchmarking provides an objective basis for setting realistic performance targets and establishes a foundation for more meaningful, fact-driven management decisions.

Crowe Horwath LLP banking professionals have the broad industry experience and in-depth understanding needed to perform an accurate and objective assessment of key performance indicators and to help banks identify opportunities for improvement as well as areas of strength. In addition to drawing on a wide variety of objective banking industry benchmarks and standards, Crowe helps banks interpret quantitative metrics in the context of their own strategies and business models.

Using a structured, disciplined methodology, Crowe banking specialists identify principal metrics, analyze performance against established industry benchmarks, and then identify those opportunities that are likely to produce the most immediate improvement. Crowe next helps you map a timeline and phased approach for re-engineering the relevant processes.

This approach can be applied in a number of specific initiatives including:

  • Compensation benchmarking – to help develop compensation practices that enable the bank to attract and retain top talent
  • Operational benchmarking – to support performance tracking and goal setting while identifying bottlenecks, unacceptable levels of rework, and other improvement opportunities
  • Performance assessment – to help boards, executives, and management objectively evaluate their actions and strategies for improving bank performance and profitability
  • Vendor expense benchmarking – to identify opportunities for immediate savings and long-term cost reduction in vendor contracts