Crowe Financial Data Automation

Stop Hand-Keying Financial Statements

Spend less time and fewer resources on time-consuming data entry while improving accuracy and reliability. The Crowe Financial Data Automation solution helps banks and commercial lenders automate the collection of customer financial data and minimize risk.

This financial data management solution extracts data electronically and feeds the data directly into existing financial analysis, spreading, and risk scoring systems. By automating data collection, you can reduce cost and effort, minimize errors and inconsistencies, and improve auditability and transparency.

Simplify the Management of Commercial Credit Customer Accounts

The Crowe Financial Data Automation solution applies a services-based approach to improve the management of commercial credit customer accounts.

  • Customers can submit financial data through a branded data portal, or you can provide batches of customer statements for processing.
  • Our process extracts the data from each statement, maps it using your defined parameters, and confirms data accuracy.
  • Data is then delivered into your systems, with features designed to track required statements.
  • A secure and easy-to-use website gives your credit administration team visibility, access, and control, as well as providing a documented audit trail.

This solution automates collecting and extracting commercial customer financial data, establishes and enforces industry-specific standards, and feeds the information into a bank’s existing financial analysis, spreading, and risk-scoring systems. Using this technology, data is extracted from customers’ financial statements into the solution, and then is digitally mapped and delivered to the bank’s systems.

Credit Analysis Solutions for Effective Credit Portfolio Management

The Crowe Financial Data Automation solution is one of several credit portfolio management and stress-testing tools offered by Crowe Horwath LLP. Our credit analysis tools can integrate loan and credit data from various internal systems and third-party sources, helping you to automate and streamline your credit, capital planning, and stress-testing practices.

Crowe Portfolio Analyzer™ solution  

Crowe Portfolio Analyzer™ solution

Automates the credit review process, integrating data from multiple sources to provide a comprehensive view of customer information, while helping to improve productivity, compliance, risk management, and portfolio visibility.
Crowe Collateral Analysis for Automotive Lenders™ solution   

Crowe Collateral Analysis for Automotive Lenders™ solution

Provides an efficient and effective means to conduct financial due diligence on an automotive dealership by performing an in-depth examination of financial statement accuracy without the full cost of an on-site audit.
Crowe Credit360 for Stress Testing™ solution   

Crowe Credit360 for Stress Testing™ solution

An end-to-end stress-testing system that applies machine learning to offer lenders a better, faster way to aggregate data, develop and test models, and create DFAST submission reports.


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