Crowe Portfolio Analyzer™ for Lenders

Breakthrough Automation in Portfolio Credit Risk Management

Identify portfolio risk early and manage it more effectively. Crowe Horwath LLP offers a solution that can help you streamline the complex process of monitoring credit customer financial information. The Crowe Portfolio Analyzer™ for Lenders solution automates data gathering and analysis and can integrate portfolio risk data with other bank systems.

Automate Your Portfolio Risk Assessment

The Crowe Portfolio Analyzer solution is web-based and easy to use, offering industry-specific analysis, process automation, portfolio analytics, and meaningful benchmarking capabilities to help you assess portfolio risk in an efficient, transparent manner.

Use this portfolio credit risk management tool to:

Crowe Portfolio Analyzer solution

The Crowe Portfolio Analyzer™ for Lenders solution
Portfolio dashboards provide a 360-degree view of customer financial information along with relevant data about the borrower relationship.

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  • Increase workflow efficiency
  • Aggregate information from multiple systems and sources
  • Employ effective, automated compliance and credit risk monitoring
  • Streamline projections to rapidly assess the expected impact of events, trends, and patterns
  • Gain insights with industry specific peer analysis and comparisons

Credit Analysis Solutions for Effective Credit Portfolio Management

The Crowe Portfolio Analyzer solution employs Crowe Financial Data Automation™ software to upload customer financial information and significantly reduce manual data input. The solution is one of several credit portfolio management and stress-testing tools offered by Crowe. Our credit analysis tools can integrate loan and credit data from various internal systems and third-party sources, helping you to automate and streamline your credit, capital planning, and stress-testing practices.

Identify Portfolio Risk Early and Manage it Effectively

The Crowe Portfolio Analyzer solution for lenders provides automation in the credit review process and can help increase productivity and efficiency at the analyst level while improving compliance, risk management, and visibility at the portfolio level.


Add, edit, and monitor lease information and view lease summary information across the business  

Crowe Credit360 for Stress Testing™ solution
An end-to-end stress-testing system that offers lenders a better, faster way to aggregate data; applies machine learning to develop, test, and document models; and creates DFAST submission reports.

Crowe Portfolio Analyzer™ solution  

Crowe Portfolio Analyzer for Sureties and Agents
An automated financial and job schedule analysis tool that provides sureties and agents with comprehensive monitoring of contractors’ financials and faster insight into contractor portfolio risk.

Crowe Financial Data Automation™ solution  

Crowe Financial Data Automation™ solution
Automates the collection of commercial customer financial data, digitally maps the data via user-specified rules, and feeds the information into existing financial analysis, spreading, and risk-scoring systems.

Crowe Collateral Analysis for Automotive Lenders  

Crowe Collateral Analysis for Automotive Lenders™ solution
Provides an efficient and effective means to conduct financial due diligence on an automotive dealership by performing an in-depth examination of financial statement accuracy without the full cost of an on-site audit.


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