Crowe Portfolio AnalyzerTM Solution for Lenders

Comprehensive, In-Depth Portfolio Risk Management

Early identification and management of portfolio risk is crucial to banks and other types of lenders, but too often this effort depends on resource-intensive data gathering and manual analysis that is not integrated with other bank systems.

The Crowe Portfolio Analyzer solution for lenders is a web-based, easy-to-use, automated portfolio risk management solution that directly addresses this challenge, offering lenders a variety of benefits including:

workflow efficiency
Increased workflow efficiency. Automated collection of customer information reduces data entry, allowing more time for risk analysis while also providing process transparency.
An integrated 360° view of the customer. The aggregation of financial information from multiple systems and sources enables a comprehensive view of the customer in one place.
compliance monitoring  
Effective compliance monitoring. Automated, ongoing monitoring of compliance and credit risk management best practices enables early detection of potential problem loans and can improve visibility into portfoliowide risk exposure.
streamlined projections  
Streamlined, powerful projections. Access to focused, detailed information makes it possible to rapidly assess the expected impact of events, trends, and patterns.
Peer analysis. Ability to quickly aggregate like groups of entities to create peer comparisons to use to enhance the credit risk management process in addition to being able to provide value-added information to the customer.
financial data automation
Crowe Financial Data Automation. Using our proprietary software, upload commercial customer financial information to significantly reduce manual data input.

The Crowe Portfolio Analyzer solution can provide sureties and agents with timely and complete reporting about each contractor’s financial situation while reducing manual data entry and enhancing risk management across the entire portfolio. Features include:

  • Contractor-specific financial analysis and ratios with automated trending
  • Full work-in-progress (WIP) trending reports with configurable thresholds to alert users automatically to margin fade and other significant contractor trends
  • Configurable ratio thresholds to allow flexibility based on contractor relationship
  • Electronic upload of contractor financials and WIP job schedules
  • Enhanced visibility into risk across entire contractor portfolio
  • Guided workflow to automate the financial analysis process

Crowe Collateral Analysis for Automotive Lenders solution provides the tools and process for streamlining the financial due diligence related to automotive dealerships. Our solution allows you to go behind the numbers on a manufacturer financial statement by electronically extracting data directly from supported dealership management systems. We review the data to provide reporting that includes:

  • An executive summary highlighting findings and observations for potential areas needing further follow-up
  • Detailed reporting of collateral data such as:
    • Journal entries to cash and net worth
    • Related party balances
    • Collateral agings
    • Long-term assets mapped to short term on manufacturer statement
    • Floorplan no asset report
  • Working capital analysis
  • Automated working capital adjustments configured to each lender’s grading criteria
  • Table mapping reconciling the trial balance to the manufacturer financial statement

This cost-effective, efficient process can significantly reduce the cost and effort of the financial due diligence process. This reporting can be completed before or in lieu of fieldwork, translating to less time at the dealer site, which benefits both the lender and the dealer.