Bank Data Governance

Establish Effective Data Governance and Take Control of Your Data

Do you trust your data? Crowe Horwath LLP can help you organize your data and make it usable for the even the most demanding needs, so you can confidently make data-driven decisions to improve strategic and operational planning, and more effectively address regulatory compliance.

Our banking data specialists focus on implementing solutions specifically for banks, putting in place the people, the processes, and the technology that can help address regulatory compliance requirements and improve the quality of data analytics and insights. We can help you establish an overall data governance process, implement tools to control your bank data, and help establish the organizational structures to improve and maintain data quality.

Crowe data specialists look at the full life cycle of data – pulling together disconnected data management processes or initiatives you may have to help you clearly see how your bank data is collected, moved, and integrated with other operational systems – and finally, how it’s used and consumed.

Crowe can transform your bank data into actionable insights by assessing the full life cycle of your data.

bank data governance

Drawing on 50 years of financial industry experience and deep technical expertise in bank data systems, Crowe can help you improve data quality and data integrity so you can transform your data into valuable insight and actionable information.

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