Banking Risk

Managing Bank Risk for Competitive Advantage

Managing risk is one of the most difficult challenges financial institution executives face today. Credit risk, data security, fraud, social media – the potential sources of strategic, financial, regulatory, operational, and reputational risks are widespread and diverse and can originate from both inside and outside the institution.

Risk management specialists from Crowe Horwath LLP have extensive experience helping financial institutions address their governance, risk, and compliance concerns, drawing on deep subject-matter expertise in the areas of risk management, internal audit, fraud and ethics, credit, security and privacy, and regulatory compliance.

Managing Risk While Improving Performance

Crowe also understands that managing risk and improving business performance are often linked inextricably and that strong corporate governance is an essential component of effective risk management. The Crowe® Corporate Governance Framework was developed specifically to help organizations address these concepts and maximize the benefits of enterprise risk initiatives.

Sustainable Risk Management

Crowe helps banks develop and implement a broad range of comprehensive risk management solutions that are aligned with institutions’ risk appetites and strategic plans:

Our pragmatic ERM methodology provides decision-makers with valuable tools and insights including a sustainable risk management approach that helps integrate risk management into the deeper corporate culture.
Crowe offers valuable perspective and experience for the crucial internal audit function , helping provide customized solutions that reflect a bank’s risk control environment and industry best practices.
An effective AML and sanctions compliance program draws on a broad range of specialties across compliance, operations, and technology. We help clients build operationally effective and practical solutions to meet regulatory requirements.
Technology risks can threaten business processes, inhibit regulatory compliance, erode profitability, and damage an institution’s reputation. Crowe offers comprehensive IT, cybersecurity , and privacy risk services and solutions designed to mitigate data breaches, network failures, electronic fraud, and other technology risks.
Crowe banking professionals draw on extensive financial industry experience and proprietary software solutions to help banks manage compliance with fair lending standards and the growing array of consumer protection regulations.
With today’s heightened regulatory scrutiny, credit risk management is more important than ever. Crowe offers a range of solutions addressing loan review, consumer and mortgage lending compliance, and other critical concerns.
Banks rely on sophisticated models to monitor and manage risks across large transaction volumes and perform supervisory mandated stress tests. Crowe helps banks develop, implement, test, calibrate, and validate these advanced tools, aiding with meeting regulators’ expectations while reflecting each institution’s unique risk environment.
Crowe helps banks develop greater visibility into the full range of third-party risks , including monetary, regulatory compliance, intellectual property, business continuity, reputational, customer satisfaction, and confidentiality risks.

A Proactive Approach to Regulatory Compliance

In addition to helping your institution respond to a fast-changing regulatory environment, Crowe assists management, board members, and other stakeholders in taking a proactive approach to compliance. Crowe actively monitors regulatory developments, providing timely and accurate education and intelligence about capital requirements, liquidity, stress testing, and other concerns.

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