AML Independent Testing

Effective AML Independent Testing and System Validation

Crowe Horwath performs hundreds of independent assessments, audits, and system validations every year to help banks and other financial services companies test the design and operational effectiveness of various AML and sanctions tools, controls, and processes. Our team of dedicated AML and sanctions specialists provides added value by offering insights into how you can modify systems and practices for more efficient and sustainable compliance.

Crowe independent testing teams provide:

  • Independent AML audit services
  • AML system and model validation
  • Independent monitoring
  • Sanctions compliance assessments and audits
  • Consent order testing and validation services

Because our teams focus primarily on these demanding specialties, they bring exceptional depth of experience and expertise, using advanced project management, technology, and well-informed perspectives on industry trends and regulatory expectations.

Effective AML Risk Management

While banks and other financial services providers must stay abreast of changing regulatory expectations, they also must deal with increasingly complicated AML monitoring systems and models necessary for effective and compliant AML risk management. Crowe AML and sanctions risk professionals offer valuable guidance and support to address a broad range of U.S. and global regulations while providing clients with AML risk management tools and programs.

In addition, the coordinated Crowe approach focuses on embedding sustainable systems, processes, practices, and controls to help you maintain compliance over the long term.

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