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Advanced Technology Solutions for AML and Financial Crime Compliance

Compliance with BSA/AML and sanctions regulations is highly dependent on the use of advanced technology to identify suspicious transactions and behavior patterns. Crowe Horwath has extensive experience helping banks and other financial services companies select and implement AML software solutions. Our proprietary applications are designed to enhance performance and meet specialized needs that conventional AML systems do not address.

Selecting and Implementing Effective AML System Solutions

Today dozens of vendors offer solutions to address BSA/AML and sanctions compliance requirements, including solutions supporting suspicious activity monitoring, sanctions and watch list screening, and customer risk scoring. Making an informed decision on which solution is best for your institution can be a challenge. Crowe AML and sanctions technology teams have extensive experience with virtually all of today’s leading financial crime and compliance systems, including NICE® Actimize software, Oracle® Mantas software, SAS® software, Fiserv® software, and other widely used solutions. In addition to deep technical expertise and hands-on experience with these systems, our specialists maintain independent professional relationships with software vendors.

Enabling Technology for BSA/AML Compliance

Throughout our many years of BSA/AML and sanctions compliance consulting, Crowe technology specialists have identified important gaps in existing AML technology, and have developed a portfolio of proprietary solutions to address them:

This technology framework provides dynamic customer risk scoring and ongoing customer due diligence monitoring. With configurable forms, rules-based workflows, and automated integration with core systems, DCI is designed for phased implementation, so basic compliance can be addressed quickly while building on the framework for long-term benefits.

Learn more about Crowe Dynamic Customer Insight (DCI)

Crowe Model Risk Manager can enable an effective, efficient, and sustainable AML model risk management program while providing meaningful insights into AML compliance-related models used across the organization. The solution provides an enterprisewide view and repository of model information and documentation with full governance reporting and audit trails.

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Crowe Caliber provides a consistent, defensible methodology for tuning and optimizing the institution’s transaction monitoring system. By automating the model monitoring and calibration process, Crowe Caliber can streamline an otherwise manual and time-consuming process, providing a statistically defensible process with supporting documentation.

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The Crowe Activity Review System® can streamline processes that involve subjective, nontrivial analysis of complex activities. The system uses dynamic questioning, which enables highly specialized and adaptable workflows that guide users through specific processes. The CARS® solution has been shown to be highly effective in reducing the costs of reviewing suspicious activity monitoring alerts, while meeting increasing regulatory expectations for consistency and quality.

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