Crowe® Model Risk Manager

Enhancing Model Risk Management Programs Through Innovative Technology

Crowe Model Risk Manager is a highly configurable, scalable solution built specifically to help institutions more effectively manage model risk and respond to examiner expectations. More than just a repository, it:

  • Embeds model risk management best practices
  • Adapts to your firm’s specific model risk management requirements
  • Provides actionable business insight into the operation of your models

Crowe Model Risk Manager supports effective governance and helps your firm apply best practices across all aspects of model risk management, including development, implementation, and use; validation; and governance.

Capabilities and Benefits:

  • Provides a unified view of models and model risk across the enterprise
  • Purpose-driven database structure supports complex hierarchies and linkages of model elements, such as model interdependencies, inputs and outputs, and components
  • Serves as central repository for all model and model risk management documentation
  • Configures tailored workflows for model management reviews and approvals
  • Improves efficiency and helps facilitate compliance with firm policies and procedures
  • Adjusts dynamically to your firm’s unique model risk management program requirements
  • Supports dynamic model determination and risk tiering decisions
  • Provides consolidated audit trail for all model-related changes, approvals, documentation updates, etc.
  • Demonstrates compliance for regulator/auditor review
  • Manages timelines, storing documentation, project workflow, and required approvals
  • Documents management approvals for model determination, implementation, or changes; validation and calibration recommendations; and model retirement
  • Improves reaction time to changing situations with real-time view of model performance and input changes
  • Assesses risks with heat map capabilities and simple, intuitive representations of compliance risk, governance exposures, and organizational interdependencies
  • Embedded visualization provides an intuitive, visual representation with the detail suitable for model developers and owners as well as senior management oversight
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