Financial Crime Risk

Identifying and Reducing the Risk of Financial Crime

Financial institutions offer more rapid and convenient ways to access money than ever, and are increasingly offering a variety of complex new products and services that allow for the electronic transfer of large sums. One inevitable consequence is an increase in both the frequency and complexity of fraud and money-laundering schemes.

As a result, institutions must work energetically and effectively to implement and strengthen programs related to financial crimes – responding to three primary concerns:

  • Regulatory compliance pressures aimed at enforcing financial crime laws, regulations, and global economic sanctions
  • Direct financial losses through fines, sanctions, remediation efforts, and the increasing cost of compliance
  • Reputational risk, which adversely can affect customer relationships and future growth strategies

Monitoring the Regulatory Environment

Crowe thought leaders closely monitor the regulatory environment to help clients stay ahead of emerging developments in the areas of financial crime risk management, specifically focusing on:

How Crowe Horwath LLP Can Help

Crowe offers deep experience across the financial institutions industry, providing up-to-date counsel about regulatory developments as well as solutions to help our clients address financial crime concerns. Our perspective on addressing financial crime risk is built from practical experience with financial institutions of varying sizes and risk profiles. The solutions and services that we bring to our clients are designed to be sustainable and flexible to meet the needs of each organization we work with. Capabilities include:

Crowe® Dynamic Customer Insight (Crowe DCI)

The versatile Crowe DCI tool helps banks perform required AML model validation while also improving compliance and risk management functions. Learn More


Crowe Activity Review System®

A workflow-enabled tool that manages cases, alert dispositions, investigations, and quality reviews with greater efficiency, narrative generation, and documentation, providing a fully auditable work trail. Learn More

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