Food & Commodities

Supporting the Food & Commodities Value Chain

As a food and commodities (F&C) company, you produce, process, and distribute products for a supply chain to feed the world. From field to table, the transformation of raw materials into finished goods requires adding value at each stage – despite the challenges of:

  • Responding to the impact of dramatic changes in market volatility
  • Maintaining food safety and security
  • Staying in compliance with government regulations
  • Adapting to global expansion
  • Adjusting to the seasonality of workflow
  • Understanding complex financial and tax issues

Helping Clients Make Better Decisions

In the fiercely competitive F&C marketplace, there is little time for unrealistic advice or typical solutions. With more than four decades of F&C industry experience, Crowe Horwath LLP is dedicated to providing services specifically designed for organizations focused on F&C production; processing; wholesale, distribution, and logistics; and retail sales and service.

Crowe brings value to F&C organizations through services that include:

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Douglas E. Nisley
Partner, Food and Commodities Services Leader