Food & Commodities Advisory

Adding Value Through Advisory Services

Crowe Horwath LLP offers a range of advisory services, including M&A transaction advisory services and succession planning, to help food and commodities (F&C) companies grow, control, defend, and if necessary, restructure assets.

M&A Growth Support With Experienced Advisory Professionals
Whether you are on the buy side or the sell side, complexities abound in successful and swift execution of major transactions. Crowe employs a focused and flexible approach to the M&A value chain with a fully-integrated process that provides valuation, due diligence support, deal-structure optimization, and acquisition integration services.

We pride ourselves on being full-service advisers, with specialists who assist clients throughout the entire transaction process, including:

  • Developing a coordinated negotiation approach
  • Confirming the validity of the strategic concept
  • Performingcomprehensive due diligence
  • Executing the integration plan

Crowe has assisted many companies including fertilizer companies, vegetable and fruit crop growers, grain traders, food processors, supermarkets, and restaurant chains with their growth initiatives through acquisitions, strategic alliances, and cooperative agreements.

Planning For the Future
What is your company’s “sweet spot”? Are your resources properly aligned with your most profitable business segments?

Crowe can help you harness the knowledge of your management team to generate new ideas for effective planning. We also can help F&C companies with management succession, ownership transfer, and wealth preservation plans to capture the rewards of hard work.

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Douglas E. Nisley
Partner, Food and Commodities Services Leader