Case Management

Realizing Greater Productivity for Justice and Public Safety Agencies With Case Management

Information sharing and collaboration among criminal and juvenile justice agencies are vital to promoting public welfare, providing quality services, and optimizing operational effectiveness. Crowe Horwath LLP is experienced in helping state and local criminal and juvenile justice organizations implement case management solutions to increase efficiency, transform operations, and maximize program value.

Our government specialists define, design, and develop custom solutions and manage third-party implementations of case management solutions to:

  • Automate processes for more accurate and efficient recordkeeping
  • Increase efficiency through enterprisewide document management
  • Increase data security and privacy for compliance with government regulations
  • Aggregate and analyze data to support performance management and reporting
  • Connect disparate systems to take advantage of comprehensive information sharing
  • Implement customizable, adaptive, and extensible solutions to keep pace with technology
  • Provide e-services capabilities, including e-filing

Crowe has teamed with several top-tier solution vendors to provide systemwide case management and data sharing solutions.

  • The Quest juvenile justice information system from Gottlieb & Wertz Inc. (G&W) is a ready-to-use case management, data sharing, and analytic system designed specifically for the juvenile justice and dependency community.
  • The iJustice enterprise case management solution suite from Integrated Software Specialists Inc. (ISS) provides greater efficiencies for court, supervision, law enforcement, and corrections organizations with advanced information orchestration, automated reporting, improved analytics, in-depth security, and internal audit functions.
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