Cost and Rate Analysis

Enhancing Government Utilities’ Financial Performance and Operating Efficiencies

To combat the rising costs of providing services, governmental utilities must look for ways to improve operational efficiencies. Crowe Horwath LLP can help governments review costs, revenues, cash flow, and existing programs to determine an optimal rate structure.

Our government specialists can help municipal utilities assess opportunities to optimize financial performance or provide financial justification when rate adjustments are required by:

  • Identifying areas for efficiency improvements with cost-of-service studies
  • Reviewing revenue sufficiency and debt issuance to assist in maximizing income sources
  • Determining feasibility of capital projects with an analysis of capacity and impact
  • Calculating fuel cost adjustments or other wholesale supplier tracking mechanisms to optimize rate structures
  • Recommending and implementing a strategy for future adjustments given specified funding requirements
  • Preparing analyses to initiate public support for rate adjustments
  • Providing reports or analyses that help present the financial plan to rating agencies, controlling jurisdictions, or financial markets