Government Internal Audit

Addressing Risk and Improving Performance With Government Internal Audits

Changing regulations, greater technology risks, and increasing budget pressures are causing many governments to rethink the traditional roles of internal audit and control functions. Crowe Horwath LLP can provide the assistance internal audit departments need to drive positive impacts on compliance, assurance, risk management, and performance improvement initiatives.

Our dedicated team of internal audit and risk management specialists use proven methods to assess existing capabilities, plan for future requirements, and adapt operating models appropriately by:

  • Determining the right internal audit model based on the unique goals and risks for each organization
  • Taking advantage of existing activities to continuously monitor, manage, and improve business performance
  • Establishing appropriate infrastructure, resource, and operational capabilities to support enterprisewide goals
  • Identifying, assessing, and monitoring risk tolerances related to compliance
  • Providing cosourcing and outsourcing options to supplement in-house departments
  • Establishing an enterprise risk management (ERM) program and framework to assist with organizational management issues
  • Developing audit plans through risk assessments and ratings
  • Evaluating IT controls to help understand security risk and entitywide technology and business dependencies
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