Crowe Healthcare Data Intelligence

Does Your Healthcare Data Drive Performance Improvement?

Each day, your healthcare organization generates massive amounts of data from patient accounts, billing, collections, payers, claims, and denials. All this data impacts your net revenue and financial performance, but it can be difficult to use it and create meaningful analysis in real time.

So you keep collecting this data – but wouldn’t you rather put it to work now to improve your hospital’s performance?

With Crowe Horwath LLP Healthcare Data Intelligence, you can optimize the value of real transaction-level data and turn information into insight and action. Drawing on your organization’s systems and operations as well as our advanced technology solutions, Crowe Healthcare Data Intelligence can allow you to capture and analyze validated patient transaction data to create custom metrics, dashboards, and operational guidance.

Crowe Healthcare Data Intelligence maximizes the power of our performance-based services and advanced technology solutions:

And because you need to make decisions quickly, we can provide you with near-real time insights drawn from more than 750 hospitals across the country. You’ll also be able to compare your hospital’s performance with that of your peers using:

Big data doesn’t have to intimidate or overwhelm. Crowe has the data. Are you ready to put it to work for your organization?

1 The Crowe Revenue Cycle Analytics (Crowe RCA) solution was invented by Derek Bang of Crowe Horwath LLP. The Crowe RCA solution is covered by U.S. Patent number 8,301,519.