Crowe RCA Benchmarking Premier

Real Information in Real Time With Crowe RCA Benchmarking Premier


How are your hospitals performing? How are they performing compared to your peers? If you would like to know, the Crowe Horwath LLP RCA benchmarking solution can provide access to real-time data that encompasses information from hundreds of hospitals as well as your PAS data linked to 835 and 837 remittance data at the account level providing root cause analysis – that can help you obtain actionable intelligence and improve your hospital's financial performance.

When you want to move your analysis from "I think" to "I know," only real data can give you the confidence and insights you need. Compare your organization’s performance using real data, not survey results, in real time with Crowe RCA Benchmarking Premier.

Crowe RCA Benchmarking Premier allows you to create customized analyses using data derived from:

  • Financial reports
  • Revenue cycle operations
  • 835 and 837 electronic remittance data

This higher level of access to more data can provide real-time operational guidance, available monthly or as needed. You can even access ad hoc reporting and analysis for special requests and studies.

Crowe has unique access to data that is generated through daily transaction-level feeds of patient accounting system data from close to 500 hospitals across the country. We harness the power of this data to provide custom peer group comparisons based on a variety of characteristics including facility type, size, location, and payer mix.

The Crowe RCA benchmarking solution uses near-real time data to create insightful analyses and key performance indicators that can help you effectively measure performance and identify areas for improvement. You’ll also have firsthand access to real-time trends and developments that can help you move beyond best practices and take action to improve operations.