C-TRAC® Solution: Healthcare Tax Compliance Reinvented

Tax Compliance for Tax-Exempt Healthcare Organizations: Choose a Better Way

For healthcare organizations, the time and costs associated with tax compliance, information data gathering, and organizational management can create a tremendous burden and strain on resources systemwide.

The tax specialists of Crowe Horwath LLP understand these challenges and have developed the Crowe® Tax Risk Assessment and Control (C-TRAC) suite of tax solutions1 to minimize the compliance burden and remove barriers typically faced by tax-exempt organizations. The C-TRAC solution is IRS-approved for e-filing software that focuses on the project management aspect of tax compliance via a Web-based platform.

The C-TRAC suite provides these features and modules:

  • Forms 990, 990T, and 8868 (extensions)
  • Customized conflict-of-interest questionnaires – automated distribution and receipt of conflict data
  • A master compensation module – compensation applied systemwide rather than as single entities
  • An alternative investment module – automated data capture, unrelated business income tax analysis, and generation of international disclosure forms
  • A state module – preparation of state forms, estimates, and extensions
  • Real-time access to tax forms in easily accessible Adobe® Acrobat® software format
  • A Web-based platform for delegating assignments, tracking progress, and monitoring changes
  • Line-by-line access to prior year responses, IRS instructions, and customized guidance
  • Time-saving imports – investments, grants, donors, etc.
  • Quick links to industry guidance and IRS instructions to access updates, alerts, and educational sessions on tax issues affecting the tax-exempt healthcare community

1 The Crowe Tax Risk Assessment and Control (C-TRAC) solution was invented by Geralyn Hurd of Crowe Horwath LLP. A patent is pending for the C-TRAC solution.