Automated Reconciliation

Automate Account Reconciliation With Ease

Finance transformation requires changing the way many processes are handled. By moving from manual processes to automated activities, healthcare organizations can improve accuracy and processing time, reduce audit risks, lower costs, and reallocate accounting resources for higher value activities.

Crowe Automated Reconciliation for Healthcare delivers business value by replacing manual bank account reconciliation processes. We help organizations automate, standardize, and streamline the bank account reconciliation process using our three-way match solution designed by experienced finance and revenue cycle consultants.

Crowe Automated Reconciliation Tool

With Crowe Automated Reconciliation for Healthcare, your organization will be able to:

  • Expedite the process with automated reconciliation and reporting of various data for daily matching to the bank, the patient accounting system, and the general ledger
  • Improve accuracy of financial disclosures and reduce accounting errors
  • Implement a streamlined and standardized method of verifying the accuracy of the general accounting and patient accounting team’s reconciliations
  • Provide an audit trail and supporting documents
  • Post receivables faster upon receipt and increase efficiency
  • Enhance data security by leveraging industry-leading technology
  • Refocus staff on higher value tasks such as analysis and risk mitigation
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