Crowe Physician Links

Time Studies … Simplified

Accurately and compliantly capturing, documenting, and reporting provider time for reimbursement can be challenging. Crowe® Physician Links is a Web and mobile application that seamlessly combines data collection, technology, and industry experience to eliminate the manual collection of time study data and replace cumbersome tracking procedures. The application is easy to implement and cost-effective for healthcare organizations of any size. It:

  • Increases compliance and reimbursement by providing real-time analysis and monitoring
  • Reduces administrative costs of managing time studies
  • Is accessible on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and personal computers
  • Allows providers to enter and track their time from virtually anywhere
  • Eases IT resource burdens by using hosted technology
  • Tracks emergency department availability services

Take the Smarter Approach to Capturing Time

    Current Process

  • Low participation
  • Logistical nightmare
  • Difficult to interpret handwriting
  • Excessive paperwork
  • Difficulty accumulating data

    Crowe Physician Links

  • Easy-to-use and flexible input options
  • Seamless and integrated process
  • No manual entry
  • Automated, paperless process
  • Organized database and reporting

Crowe Physician Links can be used to improve reimbursement for:

  • Administrative and teaching activities
  • Transplant centers
  • State waiver programs
  • Research grants
  • Medical education

With Crowe Physician Links, you’ll be able to increase participation, ease the difficulty in collecting physician time, and generate accurate time allocations for compliance.