Healthcare Revenue Cycle

Eliminate Exceptions in the Revenue Cycle

Crowe offers programs that allow revenue cycle executives to focus on what they do well and to measure their performance against peers while Crowe takes care of the organizations’ revenue exceptions. Healthcare executives can gain insight and measure the effectiveness of revenue cycle performance with Crowe Healthcare Index Score for Revenue Cycle. Crowe healthcare services have built innovative programs that quickly scan for exceptions in:

  • Credits
  • Charge capture
  • Denials
  • Underpayments
  • Bad debt

These programs provide you with the flexibility to outsource, cosource, or insource the continuous improvement of your revenue cycle using our innovative technology solutions in the following areas:

Crowe Exceptions Resolution, a business intelligence platform that applies a big data solution to your real-world problems, can help your organization reduce the number of denials and improve collections performance on initial filings.
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Streamlines the process of managing credit balance accounts while removing credit balance liabilities that are exempt from recovery.
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Reduces claims denials and increases your initial claims-paid rate.
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Improves your charge capture through process improvements that can increase outpatient revenue.
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Crowe offers a programmatic solution designed to help your organization identify and address areas of opportunity related to the operations and charging for both inpatient and outpatient services.
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Validate and compare your organization’s revenue cycle performance against peers. We perform benchmarking analytics using actual patient transaction data generated daily by 750 hospitals across the country.
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