Crowe Healthcare Exceptions Resolution

Using Machine Learning to Predict and Resolve Exceptions

Crowe Horwath LLP can handle the exceptions that persist in your revenue cycle and take up your people’s time. You focus on the clean claims. We’ll handle the exceptions. You spend time being great at what you do, while Crowe technology identifies and resolves exceptions efficiently.

Crowe Exceptions Resolution (Crowe ExR) is a business intelligence platform that applies a big data solution to your real-world problem – how to reduce the number of denials and improve collections performance on initial filings. Crowe ExR helps you manage net revenue by flagging abnormalities in existing data and creating models to predict and correct future exceptions for:

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With Crowe Exceptions Resolution, you will be able to improve accuracy, reduce costs, and optimize staff productivity. Validate your return on investment with the performance of Exceptions Resolution using our detailed ROI calculator.

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This advanced technology uses machine learning to analyze your patient account data in large batches and create models that can predict potential abnormalities in claims. It draws data from:

  • 835 and 837 electronic remittance data
  • Realization and reimbursement rates and history
  • Financial mapping information (insurance, transaction, and patient type)

We can help you assign your staff time to other, more pressing priorities. You decide on the right level of service for your organization, from co-sourcing with Crowe healthcare consultants to fully outsourcing the exceptions resolution process.

Our reputation in net revenue analysis and revenue cycle management is built on the experience and expertise of our skilled professionals and advanced tools such as Crowe Revenue Cycle Analytics1 (Crowe RCA). And you can measure your progress against peers and gain insights using the Crowe RCA benchmarking solution. You’ll be well on your way to improving your net revenue management processes for higher net revenue and better claims outcomes.

1 The Crowe Revenue Cycle Analytics (Crowe RCA) solution was invented by Derek Bang of Crowe Horwath LLP. The Crowe RCA solution is covered by U.S. Patent number 8,301,519.