Crowe Revenue Cycle Index Score

How Does Your Revenue Cycle Performance Score?

Score and validate your performance with Crowe Healthcare Index Score for Revenue Cycle, powered by Crowe Benchmarking Analytics. It’s derived from real data, not from survey results that can be skewed or distorted. We capture actual patient transaction data generated daily by more than 750 hospitals in the Crowe Revenue Cycle Analytics1 (Crowe RCA) User Community to perform advanced benchmarking analytics.

We calculate 11 key performance indicator (KPI) ratings and generate an overall weighted index score for your organization. Your index score ranks your performance compared to peer organizations of the same size and type. KPI ratings can confirm your best practices and spotlight problem areas.

Crowe Index Score

What if your organization was performing at "best practice"?

You’ll gain insight into the effectiveness of your revenue cycle performance. This visibility can help you address your most pressing revenue cycle problems, improve performance management, prioritize operations, and enhance decision-making.

1 The Crowe Revenue Cycle Analytics (Crowe RCA) solution was invented by Derek Bang of Crowe Horwath LLP. The Crowe RCA solution is covered by U.S. Patent number 8,301,519.

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