Crowe Outpatient Charge Capture

Quickly Increase Your Outpatient Revenue

Nationally, hospitals are looking for ways to find new revenue. Your hospital might need to quickly find new net revenue to meet the operating budget. A focus on outpatient charge capture offers one of the fastest net revenue improvement opportunities for hospitals.

Get more out of your outpatient volume by optimizing charge capture processes and tools to capture more quickly the revenue to which your organization is entitled. Crowe® Outpatient Charge Capture Analytics quickly can help you focus on improving your clinical department outpatient charge capture processes.

Combining process improvement methodology with proprietary technology is a programmatic approach that goes beyond the typical solutions. With Crowe Outpatient Charge Capture Analytics, you’ll be able to quickly identify net revenue opportunities and focus on process improvements that can capture additional outpatient revenue and sustain it over the long term.