340B Program Solutions

Achieving 340B Program Integrity

Leading edge technology and depth of 340B experience to achieve compliance while maximizing program savings.

The 340B Drug Pricing Program offers safety-net hospitals and other eligible healthcare organizations the opportunity for significant cost savings, enabling them to continue serving at-risk populations. With increased scrutiny from the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) and drug manufacturers, healthcare organizations are finding it increasingly challenging to remain compliant while also meeting internal monitoring expectations.

CHAN’s dedicated 340B consultants, consisting of experienced auditors, pharmacists and previous 340B coordinators/managers, partner with covered entities as they navigate the difficult road of maintaining compliance with regulations while also being prepared in the case of a HRSA or manufacturer audit. Our 340B consultants have experience with large DSH hospitals, small grantees and everything in-between. Our vast experiences and collaborative approach typically result in:

  • More thorough understanding of 340B throughout the organization
  • Enhanced operations, including monitoring procedures and 340B policy
  • Greater degree of compliance with regulations
  • Increase in entity 340B savings/revenue

Below is information regarding CHAN’s typical 340B services and the focus areas of our independent audits:

340B Program Solutions

340B Program Solutions

  • Implementation assistance
  • Independent audits – mixed-use and contract pharmacy
  • Post-audit support
  • Mock HRSA audits
  • HRSA audit support and preparation
  • Program improvement/optimization
  • Policy and procedure enhancement
  • Savings analyses
    • Pre-registration
    • Program definitions
    • Regulatory changes

340B Independent Audits

340B Independent Audits

  • Implantation Assistance
  • Eligibility and registration review
  • OPA database reconciliation
  • Policy and procedure review
  • Detailed testing options
    • Data analytics enables us to test 100% of an entity’s dispensations
    • Industry-standard sampling methodology
  • Compliance focus on:
    • Diversion
    • Duplicate discounts
    • GPO prohibition (if applicable)
    • Orphan drugs (if applicable)
  • NDC to NDC match
  • Monitoring and oversight procedures

340B Program Monitor

In addition to audit and consulting services, CHAN has created 340B Program Monitor. This automated solution enables entities to enhance internal monitoring procedures by testing 100% of their 340B dispensations while also helping to identify areas for program optimization.

Customizable – uses your unique eligibility definition to provide custom and comprehensive results.

High Level Insights – results dashboard empowers Senior Leaders to understand program status and financial impact at a glance.

Issue Investigation – interactive, detailed reports enable investigation ranging from overall trends to the root cause of individual exceptions.

Issue Resolution – upon review of potential exceptions, mark individual exceptions as resolved or replace entire input files to resolve many exceptions at once.