Clinical Risk

Achieve Sustainable Transformation in Clinical Performance

Healthcare reform, value-based reimbursement models, the rising cost of healthcare, and consumer demands for, and scrutiny of, quality have put increased focus on clinical performance, which determines a healthcare organization’s quality, safety, and satisfaction outcomes as well as its financial sustainability.

Healthcare systems looking to achieve clinical transformation and satisfy stakeholder expectations should implement an ongoing strategy of care delivery excellence. They should also demonstrate measurable improvements in quality, safety, and cost reduction through the redesign of processes and technology. Continuously monitoring and assessing care delivery for adherence with standardized evidence-based practices can help turn your organization into a high-performing healthcare system.

What We Do


CHAN Healthcare clinical risk services assist healthcare organizations in achieving sustainable performance improvement. We provide data-driven clinical assessment and risk consulting services following a consistent methodology to identify baseline performance, determine gaps, and recommend improvements in areas of clinical operations, patient safety, and quality.

Our experienced, integrated team of professionals includes healthcare clinical specialists and operational auditors with healthcare process backgrounds who objectively assess clinical processes, perform root cause analyses, and make recommendations for improving healthcare delivery. Our work has identified millions of dollars in financial opportunity for healthcare professionals seeking to achieve excellence in care delivery.

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